Cleaning Paw prints

San Felipe 030Having a beautiful animal is not as easy as you may think. the pitter patter of little paws is something worth writing home about for sure. You will have many times when that little puppy of kitten is just perfect for your lovely home. There will also be other times when cleaning up after your animals is a lot of work. consider a qualified company like carpet cleaners wichita ks to keep all of your rugs and carpets looking perfect throughout the years.

An exotic pet like a baby tortoise can bring a lifetime of companionship. You will enjoy having the little clack it clack of a tortoise cruising around your home. Mine is crawling past me as i write this quick message. I know the mess that comes with these little paws so i try to keep him on the hardwood floors. but he always seems to track a little dirt across my carpets. this is when i call our local carpet cleaners for a nice touch of my carpets. we use wichita carpet cleaning and they seem to have no problems keep our interesting living space very clean and healthy for all.

So don’t worry about the clean up as much as going for that pet you really want to have in your life. try a slower pace with a tortoise. they get along very well with all dogs and cats. The other animals will actually enjoy the company of a baby tortoise as the hiss at a wall that might be in their way. The can go outside but you need to wait for them to be big enough to not only not escape but to be able to deter the other predators like hawks or coyotes that might be watching your yard for an easy meal.

And keep a good company in your cell phone so you can contact them to come clean your rugs when the animals are having a little to much fun. We use carpet cleaning wichita ks for our go to carpet cleaning guru. They seem to have a solution for everything that comes along.

Raining Cats and Dogs

10710599_10203022997443037_4632352508539262349_nWhen you hear that familiar sound on the roof, it sounds like your pets are stomping around enough to fall through the roof. You will know it is either time to call a fireman out to get your cat out of a tree or it is time to call you local roofing contractor wichita ks and have your roof fixed or repaired before the rain comes by the bucket. If the toronado are coming early this year it is a great time to talk about what you will do with the animals and pets you have on your property. You can read a good magazine on how to wrangle your horses and the best method to transport your huge fat pigs. You can take some extra time and draw an escape route  and have multiple copies printed out so all your family will know the plan. They will expect what you are going to do and you may even get a write up in your local magazine about how you saved all your pets and you know the right place to find roofing companies wichita ks to call to keep your four legged friends safe.

The storms are coming to Kansas and there are a lot of pets out there for people to care for during these stronger weather situations. I read in a magazine about dogs the other day that the stress they feel from the thunder and lightning is so bad, it’s as if they went away to war and came home with post traumatic stress syndrome. You don’t want your animals getting wet as that could cause additional vet bills that you can not read about in a pawprint magazine. You should find a way to make sure you have the right roofing wichita ks company to call and come out to make sure your barn is safe from the elements. The last thing you want is a sick horse or cow that is sneezing all over the chickens and end up getting that poor puppy sick to the point he misses his photo shoot.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information about pets. 

New Methods for California Drivers Ed

online_drivers_edIn our latest article, we want to explore the new implications of receiving California drivers ed online that is certified by your local state DMV. You may have heard that you can receive your drivers education all online today. Yes, this is true across the United States, for those states which require it (see regulations for age at your local DMV).

The new online drivers ed courses allow students to work safely from home so that they may one day hit the road in vehicles of their own.

There are companies like Fast Drivers Ed Online which allow students to complete their education all on a computer making it very simple to complete.

In addition to California, students are now allowed to start taking their Texas Drivers Ed Online as well and soon Florida, as per their website blog.

They have also reported that they are “making changes to the world of online drivers ed” in the form of new ways of education and learning that help all.

  1. In a recent article posted on their website, they also report that they have changed their User Interface, making it easier and a more efficient learning experience for students (in the goal to create better drivers).
  2. MADD has come out and will be giving a talk about the new implications of online drivers ed in their goal of alignment to Fast Drivers Ed Online to create better drivers.
  3. These two should be able to come together to discuss the current situations between drunk driving, reckless driving, and the proper education of 15.5 year olds so that they may make better decisions

We will be trying to report as much new information on this subject as it comes about as we believe it is important to the American people to know where and how their students are being educated, and what information they are subject to.

Please stay tuned and check back frequently to hear more about this subject as the story continues to break. All at Paw Print Mags.



When you need to get out of town fast in a taxi – El Cajon

Recently I had an emotional breakdown.. I was starting to feel unfulfilledcamping_taxi_leaving and very negative about life.. like there should be something more that others seem to find.

Now I know this is a pretty common occurrence; some people call it a midlife crisis and others call it, well, life! However I want to share something with you. Something special.

What ever it is your dreams may be, however daunting the “is” that you want your life to be – go for it. Just do it.

Today I want to talk to you about a taxi cab driver that talked me off the cliff and how that has changed my world.

You see, one thing I’ve realized is that life is very short, and it is also very fragile, and we are only allotted so much time – we can always get more dollars…

This has lead me to where I am today.

One day not too long ago, I was itching to feel fulfilled and needed to go and do something.. I don’t own a car and honestly I was feeling pretty sad about life and stuff so I thought it was time to get away.

If my father ever reads this, I want him to know there is always something in between the lines and that we must do certain things to get to where we want to be in life – however the story must come out.

So i called a taxi service in El Cajon and decided to go camping. I decided I was going to go as far away as possible to reconnect with nature and “figure things out”.

It was a sad time but the owner of a taxi company just so happened to pick me up and was a very nice person. He said he’d been driving El Cajon taxis for more than 20 years which is amazing.

And he also told me that he loved it – he was fulfilled in life.

So I thought to myself, if I could just find that one thing that makes me happy and continue doing it for the rest of my life, I would feel fulfilled.

And today, well, let’s just say I feel better than ever before.

The El Cajon taxi service provider really helped shape how I view the world in the 2 hours that I was with him, as he took me up to Palomar Mountain.

You see, we’re all granted a life; we’re all granted a bank account with so much time filled in it; and like the sands of time and dimes, it slowly begins to evaporate and sink into gravity.

Though I don’t want to own a taxi company or ever be a cab driver, I do want to live a life worth living – what ever that means, I’m sure with this focus the universe and the journey will take me there.

So with that, I’m signing out. I just want everyone to know that no matter what place one get’s to, there is always a better place, and a less enthusiastic place.

Choose the high road today and start living. However you can start moving towards the essence of our being, take that road and see where it leads you.

I’m sure you’ll find more gold than coal at the end of your tale ~

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